Full control over leaks! Unconditional safety!

Slalgess Multi was developed to add benefits around cartridge face for BOF. Were introduced secondary nozzles designed to assume different functions into BOF during blow.

First one, is a post combustion module that permits increasing the scrap due to the increase of the reaction rate since from the first minutes of blow.

Second one, is to help improving the reduction of the blow and at the same time keep some oxidation and phosphorus at the slag.

Last one, the Slagless Multi is abled by the secondary nozzles to inject lime with oxygen. This combination is perfect to catch phosphorus from the liquid bath and fixed it at the slag due to this factor: increase slag oxidation, increase slag basicity and reduce slag temperature. These secondary nozzles are easily adjustable for low and high jet speeds.


• Added to the Slagless benefits, there are:

• Nozzles recalculated for ID cliente and Post Combustion Nozzles like skull formation in BOF;

• Lance Tip Replaced with Cartridge having post combustion module - Slagless Lance Multi;

• Easy to replace like conventional tip;

• Cartridge with special design made by Lumar in pure Copper, with customised dimensions as per the size and practises of the Converter;

• System with high capacity of heat exchange due to special design developed by Lumar;

• Ongoing support in process development.


• Added to the Slagless benefits, there are:

• Increase Metallic Yield/income;

• Increase the scrap amount;

• Permit low phosphorus and hard blow;

• Increase the converter life;

• Permit Special Quality Steel requirements;

• Reduced cost of equipment for mechanical cleaning.


• Safety - Reduction of human exposition for the cleaning of the lance with torch / oxy cut;

• Reduction of human intervention in high-risk conditions of temperature, dust, hot particles and high levels of carbon monoxide;

• Reduce labor to change lances;

• Reduce labor to clean lances;

• Reduce labor at scrap yard for the recovery of metals in skulls.