Lumar Metals

Lumar Metals was founded in July 19, 2000 with a strategic plan aiming at supplying steel equipment, internationalization through the development of advanced equipment to steel manufacturers worldwide and consolidating its own brand.

The combination of strategic objective, vision and dogged pursuit of knowledge allowed Lumar Metals to provide a broad portfolio of products for the steel industry processes such as BOF (Basic Oxygen Furnace), EAF (Electric Arc Furnace), EOF (Energy Optimizing Furnace), AOD (Argon Oxygen Decarburization), BF (Blast Furnace), Ferro Alloys and others.

Specialized in manufacturing Lance Injection and offer to the market products with high technology and reliability, favored Lumar Metals to gain international technology partners.

In 2001, work began to market our products in foreign markets and, due to the high results achieved with its technology, in 2002 exports had reached countries like Argentina, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, USA, Mexico, Ecuador, Trinidad and Tobago, India and Japan.

Currently with highly trained professionals supported by the latest equipment and software, Lumar Metals exports to over 20 countries and has sales offices in the USA and India.

Our main goal remains a passion for technology and the search for the opportunity to introduce innovative solutions to our customers, ensuring increasingly effective results.


Change - Sustaining

To transform technology in project engineering, products and processes into prosperity and sustainable development.


Recognition - Quality

To be an international company, recognized for its high technology and strong brands, especially for quality, good practices and values in each location serviced.


Security - Dynamism

• Total safety in the workplace: For Lumar, employee safety is above all other objectives and priorities of the company;

• Freedom of creation: To ensure greater flow of freedom and creativity, making sure the result to be achieved isn’t bound to any strict structure, letting creative freedom flow;

• Development of people: To seek continuous and lifelong learning, with the challenge to build a bridge between the development of people and the business strategies of the company;

• Dynamism: To meet the expectations of customers, employees and other stakeholders, prioritizing health issues, integration and motivation;

• Partnership of care: To respect and preserve the social precepts and the environment, contributing to the socio-economic development of suppliers, customers and communities involved;

• Loyalty for technical competence: To provide customers and other interested parties all relevant information about processes, analyzes and procedures openly, clearly and timely.

Integrated Management Policy

The LumarMetals provides integrated and innovative solutions, incorporating metallurgy, mechanic and control systems with the best management practices that meet all the specified requirements.

Action principles:
• Identify the needs of customers, providing them with innovative solutions and continuous satisfaction;

• Meeting the legal requirements and the ones applicable to the management system;

• Manage the risks for the prevention of accidents and diseases related to work;

• Continually train employees to ensure professional competence;

• Apply methods and technologies to reduce and prevent the environmental impacts generated by our processes;

• Develop products and services with assured quality;

• To promote continuous process improvement of the products and services.