Saving lime and fine control of the slag composition

FlexLime is an equipment that has the function of injecting lime at several points on sidewall panels with high efficiency and a guaranteed excellent homogenization in the metal bath, increasing slag neutralizing to protect refractory elements and maximizing the extraction of undesirable elements in liquid steel.

The injection of pulverized lime accelerates the formation of slag, thereby reducing the consumption of charge lime.

The equipment has a similarity to FlexOx in that it is composed of united connection modules which allow rapid exchange or replacement of individual component pieces in the workplace itself.


• Flow of powdered lime up to 200 kg/min (441 lbs/min);

• Burner power between 0.5 to 5.0 MW;

• Injector tip with or without water cooling;

• Weight between 7 and 20 kg (15 lbs and 44 lbs);

• Mounting projected blocks, up to 1,500 mm (4.92ft ) into the furnace;

• Composed of independent modules: burner module and lime injector module.


• Reduction of lime consumption;

• Reduction of the phosphorus content of the bath is facilitated;

• Promoting quick formation of slag;

• Reduction of electrode consumption;

• Reduction of refractory consumption;

• Allows dynamic control for slag formation.