Flexibility, Strength and Power

FlexJet is a technology aimed to increase the productivity in high capacity large size Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF) with high content of carbon charged, through the more efficient injection of the oxygen and fuel gas. Designed to high flows of main oxygen, up to 5.000 Nm3/h, the nozzle of the injectors are customized for each customer, allowing the optimization of the process and de extended life time of the equipments equipment.

FlexJet also has a special cooling system that requires less water volumes when compared with the conventional injectors, making the equipment lighter and more ergonomic, while reducing installation and maintenance costs.


• Flow of Main oxygen up to 5.000 Nm3/h (3,170 SCFM);

• Burner power up to 5.0 MW;

• Requires less cooling water when compared to conventional injectors, even though it is mounted closer to the liquid bath;

• Less weight when compared with conventional injectors;

• Easy maintenance with low ergonomic effort.


• Low equipment cost;

• Low maintenance cost;

• Available to high oxygen flows;

• Deep penetration and greater stirring;

• Reduction of electrode and refractory consumption;

• Reduction of oxygen consumption;

• Increased productivity;

• Reduction of electrical energy consumption.