Flexibility in Process and Maintenance

POWER Carbon equipment is designed and manufactured for the purpose of injecting carbon in an electric arc furnace .

The POWER Carbon technology allows modular speed carbon injected to serve different purposes during the process of melting and refining:

At low speeds, ideal for foaming bath and reduction of iron oxide content of the slag.

At high speeds, allows adjustment of the carbon in the molten metal.

Such variations are accomplished, thanks to the modern concept of injecting gas drag.

Both devices feature an easily replaceable consumable “wear-tube”, which protects the internal tube from the abuse of the abrasive carbon material, thereby preventing an unnecessary water leak, for longer service life and easily maintenance.


• Powder carbon injection rate from 5 to 60 kg / min (11 to 222 lb / min);

• Injector tip with or without water cooling;

• Weight between 7 and 20 kg (15.4 and 44 lbs);

• Available for assembly on all models of Protect Block.


• Low equipment cost;

• Low maintenance cost;

• Easy maintenance with low ergonomic effort;

• Ability to promote quick formation of foamy slag;

• Reduction of electrode and refractory consumption;

• Reduction of carbon consumption.