For a Compact Furnace, a Compact Solution

Easy Block is a pure copper block, water cooled, with reduced dimensions and low weight designed to be used at the side wall panels of the Electric Arc Furnace (EAF), specially at smaller diameter furnaces. It was designed to allows the assembly the FlexOx Short injector and a carbon injector at the same block.

Besides the vertical angle (usually set between 40° and 45°), the Easy Block can be assembled at the radial position (pointed for the EAF center), or can be assembled with lateral angles to right or left.

Due to the reduced dimensions and low weight, the assembly of the Easy Block at the sidewall panels is accomplished simply and quickly.


• Dimensions and weight reduced, excellent for small furnace (small split diameter or small split height);

• Lower area of exposure inside the furnace;

• More advanced that others copper blocks;

• Allows the oxygen and carbon injectors assembly together at the same block.


• Could be equipped with thermocouple to prevent flame rebounds damages.


• Increased operational safety;

• Effective protection for the burner/injector;

• Easy exchange of the burner/injector;

• Low ergonomic effort;

• Low cost of equipment and maintenance.