Flexibility in Process and Maintenance

Easy Block is an equipment designed for the purpose of allowing an efficient increase in the chemical energy input in electric furnaces, especially furnaces of smaller diameters.

The Easy Block is a block of high-purity, water-cooled copper with reduced dimensions and low weight, inserted into the water cooled panels or refractory side walls of electric arc furnaces.

It can be oriented on a furnace radial, pointed generally toward the furnace center, or can be set at lateral angles, with each location uniquely configured, depending on the needs of the operation.

Modern water cooling and coating concepts grant Lumar Metal's Easy Blocks excellent operational stability with less volumes of available water comparable with other blocks and minimal maintenance need.

The positioning of each block in the sidewall is accomplished simply and quickly.


• Dimensions and weight reduced;

• Extensive coating: high impact resistance up to 3,000 kg (6,614 lbs) of direct impact;

• Allows mounting of burner.


• Equipped with thermocouple to prevent back flame damages.


• Low ergonomic effort;

• Low cost of equipment;

• Low maintenance cost.