Operating safely guarantee redundancy!

The Double Shield Tuyere is a new concept of tuyeres for blast furnaces.

Its special design and modern materials engineering, structural and thermal exchange, award it a superior performance compared to other current technologies.

Its specific capacity of heat extraction along its body distributed by chambers, grants greater structural stability, longevity, low-maintenance operation and improved operational stability.

The first major change is regarding the dual chamber concept.

In the Double Shield Tuyere the working chamber is extended on top of the tuyere.

This chamber has a special cooling circuit which provides a high heat exchange capacity of the tuyere hot face and significant structural reinforcement conditions compared to the traditional tuyeres.

A special lining on the outer chamber increases resistance to abrasion and erosion in the furnace, and in some cases, coating is applied to the inner chamber also. The inner chamber has a unique water cooling circuit that increases structural strength plus provides excellent heat exchange potential.

Thereby if it is necessary to sacrifice the external work chamber, the inner chamber continues to work in perfect cooling conditions, improving life and safety of the equipment performance.


• Working Chamber of high-purity copper (99.9% Cu);

• Working Chamber with a cooling circuit "totally”independent of the internal chamber;

• Working Chamber with circuit, forming a structural reinforcement for tuyere.


• Operational safety due to two chambers;

• Coating protects against flame rebounds or powdered carbon injection flaws;

• Independent circuits enabling high performance and long life.