Greater flexibility and availability for blow lance!

Slagless Clean Up is an evolutionary technology that was developed as the next logical step to Slagless lance technology. The technology that has the objective of avoiding metallic material or slag accumulation along the body of water-cooled oxygen blowing lances in Basic Oxygen Furnaces while significantly increasing lance operating life. Blow and clean converter mouth at same time.

In Slagless Clean Up, Lumar Metals offers a tool to further continue to reduce health and safety risks to humans present in the vicinity of the BOF while further improving converter availability and lowering production costs.

In the Slagless Clean Up cartridge, oxygen gas ports are distributed along the circumference of the upper area of the outer Slagless tube.

Depending on the dimensions of the converter it is possible to change the number position and angles and flow the ports.

The function of these ports is to prevent grip formation of slag/metal skulls both on vessel mouth and on the lance region above these ports.


• Consumption of less than 3% of oxygen total volume;

• Combustion of carbon monoxide less than 5%, not affecting the gas recovery;

• No temperature change at the dedusting system.


• Added to the Slagless benefits, there are:

• Reduced time to clean vessel mouth;

• Reduced time to charge scrap and hot metal;

• Reduced metal loss from the vessel mouth;

• Reduced projections from vessel;

• Reduced skulls in dedusting system;

• Reduced cost of equipment for mechanical cleaning.


• Reduced human intervention to clean vessel mouth;

• Reduction of human exposition for the cleaning of the lance with torch / oxy cut;

• Reduction of human intervention in high-risk conditions of temperature, dust, hot particles and high levels of carbon monoxide;

• Reduce labor to change lances;

• Reduce labor to clean lances;

• Reduced human intervention to clean vessel mouth.