Go beyond the conventional injectors

Slagless EAF is an optimizing technological jump to reach the goals of effective use of oxygen lance on refining period of large EAF (more distance from injector to metal level).

The originality of its design provides an effective increase in the oxygen penetration into the liquid bath with direct gains in reducing refining time and oxygen consumption especially in large EAF (Electric Arc Furnace).

Simultaneously with the gain process comes along the safety because during the charging of the furnace, the injector is recessed into the block via a hydraulic system, allowing it to be protected against impact of scrap.

SlagLess EAF consists of Protect Block, which has a highly resistant structure regarding the furnace conditions.

SlagLess Lance has forward and backward movement without any adhesion of metal and slag on to its body during operation.

It also possess sensors on Protect block face that monitors the back fire or over heat, detecting temperature rises that may compromise the equipment.


• Length of Slagless EAF advance is engineered for every need;

• Injectors operate by hydraulic circuit with protected systems;

• Thermocouples at Protect Block's face to monitor operating conditions;

• Use Slagless technology on nozzles.


• Ability to promote quick formation of slag;

• Reduced consumption of electrodes and refractory;

• Injector operates by hydraulic circuit with protected systems;

• Thermocouples to prevent back flame damages at the Protect Block's face, monitoring operating conditions;

• Use Slagless technology on nozzle.